Fungal I.D. (FID) Test

A Higher Standard in Testing for Mold in the Human Body

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Fungal Identification Testing

Simply stated, this is a Fungal I.D.(FID), test for the presence of mold / fungi and yeast growth within the human body. This test accurately identifies yeast and fungal growing within the human body. It is now possible to match the species of fungi or yeast taken from the human body, and match it to the fungi, or yeast samples taken from the suspect environment with 99.9% accuracy.

The test is simple, only a stool sample is required. The sample is cultured, for fungal, or yeast colonization within the human body. Once growth is detected those which have colonized are identified as to their species, through the process of sequencing. This process can take up to seven to ten days, but the results are highly accurate.

Bacteria Identification Testing

There are many species of bacteria and Mycobacterium that are synergistic with the growth of fungi in water damaged indoor environments. Many of those particular types of bacteria may be "sporating" (spore producing), and just like fungi produce spores. Those spores can produce the growth of bacteriological pathogens, which can produce endotoxins, the counterpart to mycotoxins produced by fungi / mold, or what may be termed as bio-toxins. These are the poisons which can cause disease in human beings.

As with the fungi the Mycobacterium I.D. testing is simple, only a stool sample is required. The sample is cultured, the bacteriological growths when present are then identified as to their species through the process of sequencing. The process can take up to several weeks, but the results are also highly accurate.

If you are suffering from mold exposure you may be sick from fungi / mold, and endotoxins too. Most doctors do not test, or know how to correctly test for Mycobacterium,  99% of the time it goes undetected. 

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