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Our Fungal, Myco - M10 Mycotoxin, and DNA Damage (DNAD) tests detect and document if you have been exposed to mold / fungi, their secondary metabolites, or the bacterial growth that is synergistic with fungal contamination in indoor environments and at what levels those toxins are present within your body.  Never before has it been so fast and easy to find out if you are suffering from mold related sickness! Pinpoint accuracy and easy to read reports (with clearly stated results) are in your hands within days. No more guess work or speculation, the facts are delivered to you!

BioSign Laboratory’s biological profiling analysis provides detailed diagnostics of the human body’s exposure to multiple species of mold, fungi, mycotoxins and bacteria. State of the art technology and equipment combined with experienced on staff physicians provide you with fast and accurate reporting.

Mold / Fungal infections, if misdiagnosed and left untreated, like any other infections, will continue to grow in the human body and worsen, eventually causing extreme symptoms and severe adverse health conditions.

Currently, there are no Federal, State or Local Standards that specifically quantify what the acceptable, or unsafe levels for mold spore concentrations within any indoor environment that would cause adverse health effects in human beings. However, our data reveals there is no quantifiable threshold for exposure to fungi and/or their secondary metabolites as each human being is biologically different, with different immunological requirements regarding their personal threshold/tolerance regarding the onset of any disease, bacteriological, viral or otherwise.

The hematological clinical values of medicine, combined with toxicology studies, have undeniably become the most reliable solid source of irrefutable scientific evidence providing exacting documentation of mold exposure levels which detail the existing possibilities of the associated collateral health risks to microbial contamination and exposures. New medical data has proven there is no relationship between mold spore concentrations within an indoor environment and adverse health conditions created by mold exposure within the human body, meaning there is "No Threshold". The concentration of mold spores within an indoor environment may have no affect on one person while another person may become extremely ill.

Body Of Evidence

The human body is a collection plate of raw data. When the proper inquires are made, the body will yield evidence of environmental anomalies to which it has been exposed. By utilizing specialized testing procedures, diagnostic techniques, combined with the latest technologies, we have turned the human body into the ultimate assessment tool for indicating and determining what fungal and microbial elements it has been exposed to.

BioSign Laboratories maintains astringent operational protocols, chains of custody and the industry’s highest standards of quality control to assure accurate diagnostics and reports delivered to our clients on a timely basis

The Right Reports

Many of our clients have been to multiple hospitals and doctors trying to find the right tests, the right information, or get the right reports. We know exactly what you are looking for and can supply the right reports to you in just days at a fraction of the cost that other facilities may charge.

Get the right Profile the first time. We know why you are requesting biological profiling. We know exactly what you are looking for, and how to produce reliable results you can understand. That's what makes BioSign Laboratories America's Number #1 Laboratory for the testing of mold exposure, Mycotoxin tests, blood, urine and tissue profiling and screening for mold /fungi and microbial contaminants within the human body. 

These Tests Can Change Everything

When you can prove you have been exposed to mold / fungi, and have "Abnormal" levels of mold / fungus, or their secondary metabolites within your body, the question is no longer, "Have you been exposed to mold or microbial contaminants?", it becomes, "How much damage has it done to you, your family, or the employees health?"

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