Medical Test for Mold in the Human Body, Mycotoxins and Beta Glucan Tests

BioSign Labs Testing for the Symptoms of Mold Exposure and Mycotoxins in the Human Body

Why Get Tested ?

                                    Because These Tests Can Prove Your  Complaints of Mold Sickness are Legitimate 

                                                       There's a Million Reasons to Be Tested, What's Important to You?

                                      Fungal Infections Just Don't Go Away, They Can do Damage for Years to Come

Does it seem that no one will help you, or no one believes you? These tests can change everything. If you are seeking legal damages, or just want people to understand that your sickness is real, you will need to be tested.


There are three key and very specific things you should do when trying to prove mold damages, or damages due to fungal or microbial exposure. Proving you have abnormal levels of mold in your body is the #1 thing you'll need to prove that your mold complaint is legitimate,testing will help validate your health conditions.


1.  Document the cause of the mold growth / fungal or microbial contamination. What caused it, and where it came from. Most people use photos and                    contractor's estimates for this.


2.  You must always prove it is actually mold / fungi in your home, or in your environment.


Photographs alone can not provide you with what you will need to prove you actually have mold. You probably will need to employ a Mold Certified Professional to take your mold / microbial samples. You should get a professional mold inspection report and a microbiology laboratory report confirming it is mold in your environment. Just because you say it is mold no one will believe you as you have no scientific training regarding the identification of mold, or training in the collection of mold / microbial samples. This is why a mold home test kit may not provide you with the documentation you really need as the knowledge of the person taking the mold samples is always questioned.


3.  Prove that your body has been exposed to mold.


You can say you don’t feel well all day long, and tell people mold is making you sick. But unless you prove your body has been exposed to mold, or other microbial contamination, what proof do you have?


Again you will need scientific evidence which documents you have mold in your body at “ABNORMAL” levels. This is when people start to listen to you regarding your claims about mold sickness and begin to take things seriously.

We have been informed by many law firms that when the blood and other test results come back showing elevated levels of mold in the human body they are able to settle their cases very quickly and for a lot more money.


What to do with our reports


Once you have your reports and profiles life becomes much easier as now you can take your reports and results to your doctor and begin treatment.


If you have an Attorney, or are seeking damages for mold sickness our reports will become instrumental in helping you with your claims regarding mold sickness.

It is important to know

If these tests show elevated levels of mold / fungi, or secondary microbial metabolites in your body this may help you understand and identify where you were exposed to mold or those microbial contaminates and help you to avoid those areas.